Strawberry Ice Cream Parfait


ice cream parfait

This is a very easy impressive looking and super tasty ice cream dessert.


1 pint vanilla ice cream

1 cup sliced, fresh strawberries

6 Biscoff cookies ( a belgian crisp butter cookie)

2 tsp Cointreau


Add cointreau to strawberries and let sit a few minutes.  Meanwhile crush cookies.  Put 1/2 the ice cream, 1/2 the cookies and 1/2 the strawberries in a blender and blend smooth.

In a parfait glass, a martini glass or small glass bowl put a spoonful of cookie crumbs and a spoonful of strawberries in the bottom.  Cover that with the blended ice cream.  Put these half prepared glasses into freezer for about 15 minutes, till set.  leave remaining ice cream on counter or in refrigerator depending on the temperature of your kitchen…

Take glasses out and top with remaining cookie crumbs then strawberries and cover that with softened vanilla.  Put glasses back in freezer until ready to serve.  Garnish with whole cookie and strawberry.

ice cream parfait


About sosatisfying

I grew up a vegetarian in So Cal. I lived for quite a few years in NYC and now I live in Atlanta, GA. I guess these various regions have had an affect on my cooking/eating style. Mexican food is certainly my comfort food - the more down home the better. Italian is my daily bread. And I love greens, grits and anything made better with Vidalia onions.
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