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I decided to serve this on a tomato slice and pesto* because I wanted to make pesto … but you could also use a tomato sauce or bechamel.  I was thinking you could wrap them tight with less filling spilling … Continue reading

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The full name for this recipe is Les Madeleines de Commercy and comes from a  Julia Child’s cookbook.  I found a nicely used metal Madeleine tray at a thrift store and couldn’t wait to make a batch.  They are such … Continue reading

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This recipe is from Gourmet and it’s assembled sort of backwards to what I normally do.  First you pour the egg mixture, then the broccoli, then the cheese last.  I like the way the cheese make a kind of crusty … Continue reading

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I made 4 individual pies in these cute little dishes.  If you make one big one just use a casserole dish.  The only thing you have to do to make this vegetarian if following any recipe is to switch out … Continue reading

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