savory kale



1 Giant bag chopped fresh kale ( 2-3 bunches, cleaned, stemmed and chopped)

1 smallonion, diced (white or yellow)

1 sweet pepper (not bell pepper), diced

1 cubes vegetable bouillon

3 tablespoons olive oil

vegetable stock

1/2 cup cooking sherry

2 tablespoons tamari sauce

2 tablespoons butter


Wash and trim kale, taking out stalk and inner rib.  If you buy already clean and chopped kale, wash again and remove any pieces of stalk.

Heat olive oil in the bottom of a large pot (with lid).

Add onion and stir till tender on medium/low heat.

Add diced sweet pepper.  Stir a bit, then pile on the kale.

It may not all fit in the pot at first but it shrinks down fast.  Stir around in oil and onions, then pour in about a cup of stock and the rest of the ingredients.

The kale gets more tender and savory the longer it cooks.  An hour is not too long.  If you need to add more veg stock just keep throwing in a generous splash.  It should have a kind of gravy at the bottom.  “pot liquor”  It’s awesome soked up with crusty bread.  You can use this same recipe with collard greens.  I prefer greens but have found most people prefer kale.  It’s fun to find out what everyone’s preferences are.


About sosatisfying

I grew up a vegetarian in So Cal. I lived for quite a few years in NYC and now I live in Atlanta, GA. I guess these various regions have had an affect on my cooking/eating style. Mexican food is certainly my comfort food - the more down home the better. Italian is my daily bread. And I love greens, grits and anything made better with Vidalia onions.
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